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    Decideret makes fruit pét-nats and natural ciders, and Nordic sparkling wines made from apples, grapes, plums, cherries, pears and blackcurrant. Fruits are handpicked and sourced from selected organic orchards in Eastern Denmark and Danish private gardens before being turned into exciting fizzy drinks that don’t quite fit the traditional categories. Fermentation is done in the old school way, with indigenous yeast, low intervention winemaking techniques and organically farmed Danish fruit so the wine stays true to the fruit, alive and vibrant. They’ve proven that apple ciders and fruit pét-nats can be as complex and vinous as wine, quenchy as kombucha, sour as lambic, and as fruitful as freshly squeezed juice. 

    7 products
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    Decideret Gewurztraminer 2021
    Decideret Overdrevet 2021
    Decideret Lees is More 2018+2019
    Decideret Three's A Party 2021
    Decideret Hva Drikker Molr 2021
    Decideret For Your Ice Only 2018
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