Crossover Blendery

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    Crossover Blendery is a Hertfordshire based spontaneous beer producer ran by Charlie Wood and our very own George Stagg who, when not incredibly busy processing ingredients and doing bits around The Grainworks site near Weston, can be found in our Hitchin shop.

    Their beers share a lot in common with Belgian Lambics and related styles rested on fruits, but also aim to emphasise, as nodded to by the name, the influence of cider and wine production methods and flavour profiles. These beers are incredibly small-batch, seasonal and unique. Exciting stuff!

    10 products
    Crossover Mackerel Skies 2022
    Crossover Shivers 2022
    Crossover Mount Ida 2022
    Crossover Blendery Honey Isle 2022
    Crossover Blendery Irongate 2022
    Crossover Blendery Summer Song 2022
    Crossover The Pershores - Purple 2021
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    Crossover Little Moor 2021
    Crossover Binds 2021
    Crossover Barbarian Lands 2021
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