Barrel-Aged Beers

Brewing beer is a science and also an art, especially with the process of barrel-ageing. Barrrel-aged beer is beer that has been aged in a barrel (or in contact with wood), often oak. These barrels that previously held spirits or wine impart flavour and complexity to the beer. It might seem popular now but it has been around for ages - some traditional European beer styles such as Belgian lambics are also barrel-fermented.

Barrel-aging is risky from the brewer’s perspective, too. It takes time, money, and space to age a beer, and you’re never really sure what you’re going to get when you finally pop the bung. We're so excited with the excellent barrel-aged options we have here, and we think you should check them out.


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Stone Wootstout 10.0 (2022 Release)
Sold out
Nerdbrewing Return Dark Chocolate & Vanilla Imperial Stout
Nerdbrewing Increment Imperial Oatmeal Stout
Nerdbrewing Fluffernutter Imperial Milk Stout
Deschutes Reserve Series Cherries Jubelale
Sold out
Deschutes Reserve Series Abyss Coconut
Grimm Boysen Rebus
Grimm Boysen Rebus Sale price$28.00
Wildflower Distinctly Perceived 2021
Grimm Lilt
Grimm Lilt Sale price$34.50
Grimm No Hands Now
Grimm No Hands Now Sale price$22.50
Sold out
Grimm The Timeless Way Of Building
Wildflower Lora Thieves Of Fire
From the Archives
Wildflower Gold (Blend #31) - Temple Cellars
Grimm Pineapple Rebus
Grimm Pineapple Rebus Sale price$28.00
Sold out
Wildflower Playing With Fire 2021
Wildflower St Abigail 2022
Crossover Summer Song 2022
Wildflower St Henry 2022
Wildflower St Henry 2022 Sale price$52.50
Crossover Honey Isle 2022
Crossover Honey Isle 2022 Sale price$22.00
Crossover The Pershores - Purple 2021
Wildflower Organic Table Beer (Batch #13)
Deeds Post Workout Pastry Imperial Sour
Wildflower Amber (Blend #36)
Sold out
Crossover Irongate 2022
Crossover Irongate 2022 Sale price$22.00

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