Orange Wines

No, orange wines aren't made with oranges. The term orange wines come from the colour, and this is because it is white wine made by leaving the grape skins and seeds in contact with the juice, creating a deep orange-hued finished product. The process is ancient and dates back over 5000 years to modern day Georgia, but reinvigorated in the last 2 decades. 
White grapes are mashed up and left to ferment with skins and seeds still attached in a large vessel - usually cement or ceramic - and left for a few days up to over a year. This natural processes uses little to no additives, sometimes not even additional yeast. As such, orange wines taste quite different from regular white wines as you know them. They may have a more sour taste and nutty flavour from oxidation. These wines have been described as robust and bold, with honeyed aromas of jackfruit (a fleshy tropical fruit), hazelnut, brazil nut, bruised apple, wood varnish, linseed oil, juniper, sourdough, and dried orange rind. Because of their boldness, orange wines pair well with equally bold foods. 
Why not try something new today, and pick up a bottle of orange wine?