Domaine La Boheme

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    Domaine de la Boheme was founded in 2004 by Patrick Bouju, a legend in the French natural wine scene!
    Starting with just 1.5 ha, his vineyards now stretch over 5 ha on volcanic soils rich in basalt. Patrick looks for the best known and forgotten soils of Puy-de-Dôme, hence his vineyards have a ton of old, densely planted vines - the oldest vine being at least 116 years old - and great biodiversity and varieties such as Limberger, Mirefleurien, Gamay Fréau, Gamay de Bouze and more.
    Most of the work in the vineyard is still done by hand today, and there's no weed killers or synthetic chemicals used. Instead, Patrick uses fermented plant extracts or herbal teas such as nettle to reinforce the natural defences of the grapes and vines. His wines are high in demand, and you'll know why when you've tried it for yourself.
    6 products
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    Patrick Bouju & Justine Loisea Ergastoline 2019
    Domaine de Bablut Topette a Lundi
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    Harry Lester, Patrick Bouju & Justine Loisea Gentiane Extra Bitter 2019
    Domaine La Boheme Lulu 2020 Magnum
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    Domaine La Boheme Niglo 2021
    Domaine La Boheme Lulu 2020
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