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     Copenhagen-based Muri Drinks was founded by Murray Paterson, with his goal to take incredibly complex flavours and make them accessible to everyone. What better way to do this than to turn to non alcoholic drinks? Perfect for mindful drinkers and gourmands alike.

    His background working with some of the leading cider producers in the world as well as innovative and industry-leading flavour company Empirical Spirits has led him to explore the boundaries of what could be done in terms of flavour creation in drinks. Here we present Muri, a range of complex and flavourful non-alcoholic beverage from layering ferments, distillation and blending, made for sharing with friends and pairing with food. 

    5 products
    Muri Passing Clouds - Temple Cellars
    Muri Passing Clouds
    Muri Nuala - Temple Cellars
    Muri Nuala
    Muri Yamile
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