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    Considering that Empirical Spirits was founded by two former employees of noma, a two-Michelin-star restaurant named best in the world multiple times, it should come as no surprise that focus on flavour is intrinsic to everything created. Empirical is a flavor company.

    Established in 2017 by Mark Emil Hermansen and Lars Williams, the Copenhagen-based distillery makes creative spirits that defy traditional liquor categories. They’re neither gin nor rum, whisky nor vodka.

    Using low-temperature distilling, long fermentation times, a unique base spirit made from koji and a seemingly never-ending selection of ingredients that many distillers would not have thought about utilising, Empirical Spirits has created a host of fascinating drinks that could seem imposing if they weren’t so easy to enjoy. Flavour is funny like that.

    Empirical Spirits are only available online and in-store at our Bukit Timah outlet at 31 Binjai Park. 
    3 products
    Empirical Spirits Golden Berry Blend - Temple Cellars
    Empirical Spirits Golden Berry Blend
    Empirical Spirits ES x LRD
    Empirical Spirits ES x Scout
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