Jukes Cordialities

We're stoked to introduce this game-changer - Jukes Cordialities from the UK. First time in Singapore, and a welcome addition to our growing range of non-alcoholic beverages. Jukes are healthy, sophisticated and organic apple cider vinegar-based drinks, and ideal for food pairing. Low Calories (13Kcal per glass when mixed). Made in London.

This story started when Matthew Jukes and Jack Hollihan started musing about the lack of seriously rewarding, alcohol-free drinks available. This journey ended with the creation of Jukes – a uniquely-fashioned, healthy, alcohol-free drinks collection that pairs brilliantly with food.Matthew Jukes is a world-famous wine taster and writer, based in the UK, and he has worked in the wine trade for over 30 years. He has written a further 13 wine books as well as a highly acclaimed weekly wine article for MoneyWeek for over 13 years. 

Made from carefully developed recipes using all of his olfactory and sensory expertise, Matthew has created and blended his drinks in order to take your senses to an entirely new and soothing flavour destination. These alcohol-free drinks show exquisite, complex, and aromatic characters. Each 30ml bottle makes approximately two 125ml glasses (9 bottles mixed with water equates to the same volume as 3 bottles of wine).