Fruktstereo Plumenian Rhapsody 2020

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Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
ABV: 5.5%
Vol: 750ml

Plumenian Rhapsody is where co-fermentation started for us at Fruktstereo. With this cuvee we mix apples (Kim & Aroma), plums (different varieties) and red grapes (Rondo), to push the boundaries within cider and fruit wines and create something new.

This sparkling fruit wine (Fruit Pét-Nat) is a season-long fermentation project. It starts with early plums and apple varieties in august, that we continuously top up and re-ferment several times with new fruits during the harvest season. We only use the best available produce in peak maturity so every vintage changes a lot depending on taste and coincidences. The 2020 rendition has lots of freshness from the apples, tartiness and funkyness from the plums and structure and grip from the grapes. A big and concentrated cuvee.

Plumenian Rhapsody is made of fruit from Skåne, apples (65%) from Solberga, an old abandoned orchard in Dalby, plums (30%) from Kivik and grapes (5%) from Hällåkra and Klagshamn.