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    Momento Mori Wines was born out of a simple desire to make wines that first and foremost have respect for the living. Founder Dane Johns worked as a barista for over twenty years before starting his career in wine by working with Bill Downie in Victoria. Later he started his own label with fruits sourced from just a few organic growers in the region, working primarily with Italian varietals such as Fiano, Moscato Giallo and Vermentino that shine in the climate.


    All of Dane’s wines are made with small ferments, wild yeast, no new oak, no mechanical pumps, no fining, no filtration and no additions at any stage of winemaking or bottling. His philosophy is simple “I’m just trying to make wines as pure and as clean as I can, without adding anything at all. That includes sulphur. I kind of like the constraints of not using sulphur ... I guess it’s like farming organically, it instantly ensures you can only do things gently and in small batches.”  Momento Mori wines are full of character, freshness and purity and above all else, they are alive. 

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