Fruktstereo Cider Revolution 2020

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Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
ABV: 6%
Vol: 750ml

Let the revolution begin! Cider revolution is our signature “cider”. High acidity, super fruit and plenty of vibrant Fruktstereo energy: Ideal for food pairing or drinking on its own. Just like the 2019 cuvee, we ferment apples together with pears to keep a little bit of residual sugar. The pears also makes the cuvee light, salty and really easy to drink. Cider revolution gets its taste from 3 weeks of skin maceration with the leftover pulp from the press. While fermenting some of the batches develop flor, that brings a bit of oxidative notes and saltiness. We ferment the pears and apples separately, and blend just before bottling the cuvee.

Cider revolution is cider made of 80% apples (Cox Orange & Gloster) and 20% pears (Clara Friis & Conference). 30% of the fruit is from  Haväng – right by the Baltic Sea on the east coast of Skåne in the Verkeån nature reserve. 70% is surplus fruit from local growers in Österlen and northern Skåne.