Sat 2 Mar: NO-LO, a Non-Alcoholic Tasting ft. Muri & Botivo

Sat 2 Mar: NO-LO, a Non-Alcoholic Tasting ft. Muri & Botivo

Come taste the best in no-low alcoholic drinks this Saturday! Everyone's invited. Drop in for a non-alcoholic tasting of Muri and Botivo drinks from Denmark and the UK respectively. Discover the range from Muri (including 2 new cuvées Sherbet Daydream and Fade to Black which just arrived this week!!) and Botivo.

Gone are the days of feeling left out in social situations if you're staying dry or extra mindful! We love Muri because it is a delicious, classy wine alternative that is made to pair with food. Botivo is fantastic as it offers a bitter dry profile that is hard to come by in the non-alcoholic world and is such a versatile beverage it makes some wicked cocktails too! Now you can enjoy these delicious options in the comfort of your home, or gift it to a discerning friend.


Murray Paterson founded Muri in 2020 after working as a distiller at the groundbreaking Empirical Spirits distillery in Denmark. Ioakeim Goulidis then joined after a spell at the Noma Fermentation Laboratory.

Muri is inspired by the gastronomic community in Copenhagen, particularly the city’s expertise in fermentation. They use culinary techniques and unusual ingredients to create nolo blends with real craft and story.

They are obsessed by flavour development and changing perceptions around the No & Low category. They are devoted to quality and work with small-scale farmers and forage botanicals in nearby Danish forests.

By using flavours and techniques connected to a culinary sphere, Muri drinks are an ideal companion to a plate of food. A progressive take on the traditional wine pairing, we say.


Fermentation is our starting point. Wine is a fermented drink, so it makes sense that fermentation is the foundation of what we do. Many nolow producers shy away from fermentation as it naturally creates alcohol, but their expertise in layering together varied types allows us to bring the funk without the alcohol.

Copenhagen has become the centre of fermentation knowledge in global gastronomy, and they draw on our experience here to showcase different types for different purposes.


Many brands rely on lots of ingredients to make their product interesting, but they go way, way further. Technique is our point of difference. Rather than simply making a kombucha or infusion, they might use special cultivated yeasts, kefir grains, and sourdough starter as separate cultures within the same drink.


Murray’s experience as a distiller at Empirical Spirits taught him the value of blending drinks. He learned to view the composition of a drink much like the composition of a dish. At Muri they use different liquids for specific purposes relating to taste and structure. They carefully piece these together to build up layers of flavour, funk, and complexity.



Botivo is a slow sipping botanical drink inspired by aperitifs, created with pleasure not moderation in mind. It's for people who love food and drink and people who care about real ingredients are how things are made.

Botivo is a small batch, aperitif inspired drink with bittersweet, herbal and citrus notes, made by co-founder Sam in Hertfordshire. Botivo is all natural and made from 8 ingredients: rosemary, thyme, orange zest, gentian, wormwood, honey, fructose and apple cider vinegar. Sam’s meticulous research led him to discover an ancient tonic called Oxymels: a traditional elixir where an apple vinegar base is patiently infused with fresh herbs and botanicals for several weeks, before its tart flavour is balanced out with honey. Genius. Delicious. And deliberately non alcoholic. This winning combination offers the perfect medium for aromatic roots, fresh herbs and botanicals to create a complex, booze-free drink with a long and dry finish. It is no surprise that Botivo is loved by sommeliers, chefs and food critics for its unique taste profile, it’s deeply refreshing with a lasting backbone not usually found in non alcoholic drinks.

We enjoy Botivo with soda / sparkling water and a wedge of orange over ice (or it’s also great with tonic), or in alcoholic cocktails like a Negroni too! It's a real versatile one to add to your pantry. Even better, Botivo has a 2 year natural shelf life, and is packed with antioxidants, without any artificial flavourings or additives. 


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