The Hills Cider Company

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    We started The Hills Cider Company in January 2010, when many apple growers in the Adelaide Hills, one of Australia’s oldest fruit growing regions, had walked away from their farms. The strict demands imposed by major supermarkets on fruit quality had made their business models unviable, with much of their harvests dumped for not meeting specified grades.

    The subsequent success of Hills Cider, where slight blemishes on fruit is happily accepted, as well as our willingness to pay a consistent farm door price throughout the year, has helped to reinvigorate the Adelaide Hills fruit growing industry, and we are proud to have played a part in many farmers returning to the land. 

    All Hills Cider products are made from 100% Adelaide Hills fresh fruit, and we use whole pieces of fruit to achieve the quality we strive for.

    As one of the few cider producers in Australia with complete land to hand control over our product, we have less boundaries and are raising the bar of real cider in Australia.

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