Yamamoto Junmai Ginjo Uki Uki

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Akita Prefecture / Japan
Spring is here! Uki Uki means excitement in Japanese, and refers to the anticipation of ushering Spring after a cold Winter. A nigorizake (cloudy) with a hint of tartness and notes of juicy peaches and apricots.

Made from Akita sake komachi rice, with Spring water from the Shirakami mountains. SMV +3 / Acidity 1.7

The Yamamoto Brewery sits nestled between a scenic coastal area and the Shirakami Sanchi Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the cold northern town of Happo-Cho, Akita Prefecture.  

Established in 1901, originally producing the Shirataki brand, Yamamoto brewery underwent drastic changes in 2007 when the new CEO, Mr. Tomofumi Yamamoto, decided to transition to Toji and restructure the failing business. At this crossroads, Mr. Yamamoto rebranded under the family name, Yamamoto, with a focus on producing smaller quantities of higher grade, artisanal sake.  

Yamamoto produces a wide range of refined, vibrant and delicious sake, and are known for playing with unusual yeasts and experimental brewing methods to showcase the best raw ingredients of the Akita region.