Wildflower Spelt Beer Batch #1

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Origin: Marrickville, NSW, Australia
Vol: 750ml

Back in January, I flagged that the keen observer of our beer would likely recognise a renewed focus on simplicity this year, a preference for elegance, sustenance and comfort. That and an emphasis on bitterness, which I’ve been desperately wanting.

Spelt Beer fits squarely in this vein. Mashed cool with organic malted Schooner barley and organic raw spelt from Woodstock Flour, boiled with a hefty dose of AU Pride of Ringwood and fermented with our house mixed culture derived entirely of native yeast and bacteria found on native flowers in NSW. Aged in stainless and left for a healthy few months of bottle maturation before release. Once we can source organic hops consistently, Spelt Beer with be Organic Spelt Beer as every other element of this ferment is certified.

I bloody love spelt, the Brasserie de Blaugies Saison d’Epeautre remains one of my favourite saisons. Spelt is spicy, earthy and grainy… enhancing a crispness that I want in beer. Furthermore, How’s the Serenity has demonstrated how fun and somewhat noble Pride of Ringwood hops can be with our culture.

The result at release is all grains and hop… earthy and rustic, cut grass and tilled earth, bready and spicy with a whiff of funk. Old citrus floats around at the periphery. A dry and refreshing palate. Mild citrus core, sort of a witbier feel, with a bitterness that lengthens the palate giving a stoney coolness and earthy mineral edge. The bitterness is palpable, lasting and cleansing.

Like all our beers, Spelt Beer Batch #1 is best enjoyed when decanted off a settled natural yeast sediment at cellar temperatures (10-12°C).

- Wildflower