Weekend Red Pack

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A fun fresh pack of reds, perfect for day drinking and long weekend brunches.

Cyril et Karine Alonso Cuvee Yeti Rouge NV
Gamay, from Beaujolais, France
Karine and Cyril Alonso operate this fascinating, minuscule domaine in Beaujolais. The family live and make wines in an ampelographic conservatory of 1.7 hectares of vines in Marchampt, divided into three plots which are home to 140 old grape varieties. This is 31 types of gamay, all work is done by hand, from harvest to labelling, and nothing is added including sulphur. 

Milan Nestarec Atyp#2 2021
Fresh and juicy. Nestarec's Atyp#2 is something like their own 'Brutal' - a platform for all craziness/experimentation and fun. They've stripped their classic wines to the essential, and work on the little details to make them more pure and true to the land with each vintage, but at the same time with more diverse material and opportunity to play with it.

Jauma UJO Cabernet Franc Shiraz 2021
This is the “Unidentified Jauma Object” in James Erskine’s lineup. Lighter in style than some of his Cab Francs, this is a purple fruited and herbaceous, with a thirst-quenching acidity to it. Whole bunch Cabernet Franc, blended with Chenin, with some Shiraz rose, cos, SA. Chill it a little and enjoy this bright and juicy one on the porch or at the pit.