Theo Dancer Gringet 2021

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Jura // France

To lovers of great white Burgundy, the name Dancer will hold real renown. Theo Dancer is the latest generation at work at the revered Chassagne-Montrachet based domaine Vincent Dancer. The young and energetic Theo has recently taken over operations at the family domaine (though still working alongside his father), and has recently launched his own negoce project, experimenting with fruit from regions outside the Cote d'Or. Theo sources local varieties from places such as the Jura and Savoie, as well as Chardonnay from the Maconnais (under the Roc Breïa label).

Everything under these labels is done with a focus on low extraction and early picking for cut and precision. Likewise, minimal intervention techniques such as natural primary and malolactic fermentations, neutral vessels for ageing and very low sulphur additions, are all part of the DNA with these very personal wines. Both the Theo Dancer and Roc Breïa wines are labelled as Vin de France, as they are brought back and vinified in the family cellars in Chassagne.

Gringet is a unique grape variety, indigenous to the Alps. Gringet thrives at altitudes over 500 metres in the calcareous glacial moraines of the Haute-Savoie and, although it is more commonly used to make sparkling wines in this area. Fermented and matured in both amphora and glass Wineglobe, you can expect a super-delicious, complex, racy and mouth-watering white, loaded with nuts, sea spray, ripe apple and even leather. It’s a marvellous wine that may never be repeated.