Sepp Muster Gelber Muskateller vom Opok 2021

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Country: Styria, Austria
Grapes: Gelber Muskateller

Aromatic and charming! Fresh with good balance of acidity and fruit.

The predominant influence of the chalky marl soil in the region names the Opok line, as it influences everything with and around it. There are two forms of Opok, one being blue and having a higher content of clay compared to the other, having more sandy contents.

The Opok range comes from younger vines (up to 20 years), embracing the fact that they are going to show fresher, more youthful aromas.
Sepp and Maria Muster are pioneers of biodynamic winemaking in Styria, setting up their domaine with 10 hectares of vines in the early 2000s with full biodynamic certification by 2003. These are electrifying, complex and long lived wines that seem to reveal a different facet with every sip.