Saison Artichoke Vin Amaro

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Victoria // Australia
21.5% ABV
Like all of his bitter drinks, this one is a little different but still very much sits within the ethos of Saison.

Dave's first amaro release is wine based using moscato from north eastern Victoria layered with a ton of organically farmed raw globe artichoke, wild milk thistle, wild lavender and meyer lemon. The amaro is then bittered, balanced and aged in old oak before bottling.

Perfect served on its own or mixed with a little tonic over ice.
Made in Melbourne by chef/vermouth guy Dave Verheul of Embla fame. The idea is to take flavours of fruit, flowers and uncommon herbs and create a bright, lively take on vermouth and amaro that change with the seasons.

Saison is conceived from the idea that aperitifs can be brighter, fresher and be built on singular, seasonal, ingredient-led flavour profiles.