Rémi Poujol Brutal!!! 2021

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Origin: Languedoc, France
Grapes: Carignan, Mourvedre

The 2021 Brutal is as usual a blend of Carignan & Mourvedre, but given a shorter maceration than usual to bring a wine bright with wild purple fruit. 3 weeks maceration of Mourvedre and 6 weeks maceration of Carignan. 10 months in fibreglass tanks, bottled without filtration or added sulphur.

We need to tell you a cool story to give you some context of BRUTAL. Way back in 2010 some industry folk from Catalan (importers and winemakers) visited Rémi Poujol's winery and tasted his wines, and exclaimed Brutal! with each sip. This excitement carried on the following day with the word Brutal repeated throughout. At dinner, Rémi curiously asked his Catalan friends what they meant. Brutal in Catalan means ‘énorme’ or ‘super bon’ (Huge! Super-good!). It was during the next pajama party and after a few bottles later that the original BRUTAL label was created between these winegrower with a set of rules - no additions in the vineyard and in the cellar, a tiny production of up to 200 bottles, and an experimental barrel for each winegrower. Above all, the use of the “Brutal!!!” label was left free of rights; any winemaker wishing to make Brutal barrel from their “hearts” are allowed to use this label.

It's been years since Brutal has grown and in some ways perhaps diverted away from the original inspiration. But still, here's your chance to try the original and initiator of Brutal Wines, by Rémi Poujol himself.