Pipette | ISSUE 10

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Pipette is the world’s first indie mag about natural wines — and it’s print-only. The magazine highlights small producers of natural wine, and the communities around them, through an edgy, contemporary perspective. The articles are accompanied by original, professional photography and artwork.

This final edition of Pipette contains:


- An essay by Hannah Fuellenkemper on the art of winter pruning
- Domestique Wine’s adventures with Virginia natural wine & cider & spontaneously fermented beer
- A photo essay on Clos Bateau, a new natural wine project in the Beaujolais
- An interview with Judith Beck (Burgenland) about converting her vineyards to biodynamics and finding her own “style” as a winemaker
- A long interview with South Australia’s Manon Farm on learning to farm organically and without irrigation


Issue 10 has profiles on the following natural winemakers, including original photography:

- Matassa (Roussillon, FR)
- Catherine Riss (Alsace, FR)
- Glow Glow (Nahe, Germany)

As well:

- A story by Diletta Sereni about natural winemaking in the Venice lagoon
- Writer Mason Powell on the emerging movement of “harvest ales,” or wine-beer hybrids


Issue 10 features an excerpt from Rachel Signer’s new book, You Had Me At Pét-Nat, out October 19 with Hachette Books US.