Philippe Bornard Les Gaudrettes 2018

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Origin: Jura
Grapes: Chardonnay
ABV: 11.5%
Soils: Clay and limestone

With more than 30 years of experience behind him, as he collaborated until 2005 with the Fruitière de Pupillin, near Arbois, where he brought his harvest, Philippe Bornard has made his name in Jura and the wine world. On the advice of his neighbour and friend, the famous Pierre Overnoy, he broke away and today cultivates and vinifies 11.2 hectares on gentle slopes around the small village, planted with typical Jura grape varieties as well as a "curiosity", a Melon à Queue Rouge, another variety of Chardonnay. Like Pierre Overnoy, he picks by hand, respects his vines and intervenes at least in the vinification process. Inputs" are banned and SO2 is just used with mastery at the time of bottling. Long macerations, long maturing in casks, up to 3 years for the whites for example, characterize fine and delicate wines, vibrant, with precise flavours, also destined for long ageing and playing on an exceptional freshness!

Officially since December 4, 2017, Philippe Bornard has retired... Unofficially, he is helping his son Tony Bornard, who is taking over Winery and adding the 2.5ha he had on his side since 2013. Tony will be gradually taking most of the wines out of the appellations in the coming years to provide him with more freedom with the winemaking.

Les Gaudrettes is the namesake wineyard. Very mineral thanks to different varieties of marl. Organic and biodynamic farming. Hand harvested. Aged 12 months in barrel. Fresh, complex with notes of ripe citrus.