NON8 Torched Apple & Oolong

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Origin: Australia
Ingredients: Orchard Apples, Caraway Seed, Cacao Nib, Oolong, Keemun, Burnt Sugar, Ginger Root, Murray River Salt, Verjus, Water, Natural Mushroom Extract

Amber liquid, rich nose, crisp apple acidity.

Introducing NON 8 Torched Apple & Oolong, a remarkable apple-based beverage that pushes the boundaries of flavour. This extraordinary elixir combines the essence of torched apples with the subtleties of Oolong tea, resulting in a taste sensation like no other.

Crafted with precision by founder, Aaron Trotman, and his team of experts, NON 8 Torched Apple & Oolong begins with a meticulous process. Local apples, sourced from Red Hill Orchards in the Mornington Peninsula, are subjected to cold steeping, a technique that removes a significant 85% of the apple's water content while intensifying its flavour.

The concentrated apple essence serves as the canvas for this unique creation. To elevate this remarkable foundation, we blend in the exquisite notes of torched apples and the complexity of Oolong tea. The result is a harmonious fusion of flavours, where the sweetness of torched apples meets the soothing allure of Oolong.

NON 8 Torched Apple & Oolong is more than a beverage; it's an experience. Each sip invites you to embark on a sensory journey filled with boldness, subtlety, and a touch of magic. Embrace the unconventional and raise your glass to the extraordinary taste of NON 8 Torched Apple & Oolong.