Mukai Inemankai Junmai Genshu

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Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Rice: Kyo no Kagayaki & Murasaki red rice
Polish: 70% & 90%
ABV: 14.1%
Yeast Strain: #701
A very unique sake! Brewed in response to a challenge at brewing college, Inemankai uses locally grown red rice called Murasaki, local Kyoto rice Iwai and well... the process is a secret but the colour is all natural. In early 2000 Kuniko-san launched her red rice sake and called it 'Inemankai' which aptly means ‘Ine in Full Bloom’.

Expect cranberries, herbs and a savoury nose with a cherry, creamy and savoury palate. A versatile sake that pairs well with meaty dishes and even dessert. Sensational.
Kuniko Munkai was a country girl coaxed by her parents to study at the Tokyo University of Agriculture. While studying fermentation and brewing techniques, she made her first sake Ine Mankai, a beautiful red rice sake, which has since put Mukai Shuzo and Ine Mankai on the sake map. Kuniko-san assumed the role of head brewer at a young age of 22, and her sake reflects her outgoing curious nature who is constantly pushing forward.