Milan Nestarec JIL 2019

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Moravia / Czech Republic
JIL is made from Blaufrankisch from a beautiful balanced south-oriented vineyard called Jung. A 2-hectare plot in Moravský Žižkov, with vines up to 35 years old and quite low yields (20 hl/ha, compared to the 100hl allowed in the area). 

JIL is quite the character, full of desire and rebelliousness, but also hope. Wine at the beginning of its journey – and boy, do we look forward to seeing where this road takes us…

The name is actually inspired by the Czech word for clay, jíl, but you can put all sorts of meanings (and winegrower's mental states, haha) in it: Jung Is Love, Jumping In Luxury, Just Incredibly Lush, Jeeesus I'm Lucky, Jeeesus I'm Lost, Joyful–Intense–Layered...