Milan Nestarec Atyp#2 2021

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Origin: Moravia, Czech Republic
Grapes: Cabernet Franc, Field blend of many varieties, Müller Thurgau, Muškát moravský, Pálava

Fresh and juicy! 

Nestarec's Atyp#2 is something like their own 'Brutal' - a platform for all craziness/experimentation and fun. They've stripped their classic wines to the essential, and work on the little details to make them more pure and true to the land with each vintage, but at the same time with more diverse material and opportunity to play with it.

For instance, Atyp can hold different things like newly acquired vineyards with a varietal outside the usual focus, or a micro-lot, or a new method... anything really! Who decides the limit? Even the name and label are a spontaneous affair.