Milan Nestarac GinTonic 2018

Milan Nestarac GinTonic 2018

Milan Nestarac GinTonic 2018

Milan Nesterac
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Origin: Moravia, Czech Republic
Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc

Fresh and salt with lots of delicious flavours like passionfruit, tamarind, lime and mango. Electric! 

Probably the most famous wine of the Milan Nestarec portfolio. The name was a working title from when the first edition was fermenting and the aroma was of juniper berries and had a bitter aftertaste - hence, G&T. But the name stuck.

Based on Sauvignon Blanc. Funnily enough many winemakers from this old-world winemaking region started making Sauvignon Blanc in the vein of the at-the-time-very-popular New World Sav Blancs.

Milan wisely didn't fall into the trap of making a wine like those that work for someone else, half-a-world away. This is a rich and flavoursome wine that doesn't taste like other Sauvignon Blanc. "Probably because I didn't try to assign any roles to it or shape it into some moulds; the only thing I cared about was to encapsulate and transfer the energy this wine had in the barrel." - Milan Nestarec

Minimum skin contact, spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeast in a bigger old barrel from local oak or acacia wood, where it then lays undisturbed for ~2 years on its fine lees. No fining or filtration, no sulfur addition. The normal way, simply put.

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