Jozan PlusAge Mizunara Oak Reserve Junmai Daiginjo 2019

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Origin: Fukui Prefecture, Japan
Vol: 720ml

An elegant Junmai Daiginjo from Plus Age series of rare barrel-aged sakes. What a beauty, and definitely one to share with your loved ones (and discerning folk!).

Mellow sweetness, with hints of nuts and dried fruits, with the aroma of wood, vanilla and spices. This barrel-aged Junmai Daiginjo has a delicate umami and acidity, and finishes with slight oaky accents, with unmistakable flavours of the Japanese Mizunara oak cask. Well-balanced with a lingering finish. Only 800+ bottles made, and this has potential to age for another 5-10 years. 

Japanese Mizunara oak casks are highly sought after in this world of whiskey. Each tree must come to an age of 200 years before it can be harvested for use in a cask barrel, and the supply is far below the demand. 

The name Jozan Sake is said to mean “eternal mountains”. The Tokoyama family is behind this brand of sake that has been brewing for over 215 years. In the early Edo Era (1621) the Tokoyama family relocated to Mikuni Minato, one of Japan’s most famous trading ports, on the west coast of Japan, or Fukui Prefecture. And for eight generations, the Tokoyama family have brewed sake that keeps the spirit of each generation alive.