Fruktstereo X Come Isambert Tour de FRUKT 2020

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Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
ABV: 5.5%
Vol: 750ml

Fruit Pet Nat made in collaboration of Loire Valley natural winemaker Come Isambert and Sweden-based cider extraordinaire duo, Fruktstereo. 50% Apple, 30% Grapes (Chenin Blanc & Chardonnay), 20% Pears. Methode Ancestrale.

Côme Isambert started his natural wine project in Saumur in 2013. After 12 years in the wine sector and in the organic field, Côme decided to launch his own winery to produce high-quality wines, with about 6,000 bottles a year. Côme's philosophy is to produce wines and cider that reflect the diversity and richness of the Loire Valley's terroirs and to enhance, through different vintages, the complementarity of grape varieties such as Chenin blanc, Cabernet Franc, Grolleau Noir, Grolleau Gris, Gamay, while making a point to respect the natural winemaking process and the diversity of natural environments.

Fruktstereo is a collaboration between Karl Sjöström & Mikael Nypelius, who both worked as sommeliers in fine dining in Sweden. The fruit they work with comes either from home gardens or abandoned orchards, or is from waste fruit from local farmers. Everything they make is fermented with natural yeast with zero additives.