Fruktstereo The MVP 2020

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Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
ABV: 5.5%
Vol: 750ml

This cuvee is a sparkling fruit wine (Fruit Pét-Nat), that consists of 70% Pears (Conference, Clapps favorit, Alexander Lukas & wildly sourced varieties) and 30% apples (Gravensteiner). Most of apples and pears comes from Magnus Nilssons orchard in Axelstorp - a traditional orchard in northwest Skåne. Planted in the 1940s and today farmed without pesticides or herbicides. The wild varieties are sourced from abandoned orchards and wild trees in Skåne.

The Cuvee is made with different batches of pear and apple ferments from 2019 and 2020. The different fermentations include co-fermented pear and apple cuvees, directly pressed pear juice, and batches that have undergone skin maceration. Some of the batches have been stored under flor, meaning that during fermentation, the juice protects itself from oxygen with a thin layer of yeast.