Empirical ES x LRD

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Copenhagen // Denmark 

22.9% ABV / 500ml

This pre-batch cocktail is made in collaboration with Little Red Door in Paris, a mainstay in the The World’s 50 Best Bars list having notched up no less than 10 appearances.

Features Empirical The Plum, I Suppose blend, dry vermouth, camomile and cedro.

Serve over ice.
When Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen created Empirical in 2017, they were guided by a child-like curiosity about how the world works. This perspective blended with their knack for tinkering, exploration, and continual refinement. The result?

A powerful blend that pushes Empirical to be focused on creating the best flavors possible. Forever inspired by the role flavor plays in one's ability to create and transport experiences. 

That brings us to this statement:

We break away from conventional categories and defy the status quo.

We find freedom in flavor; we connect people, learn from them, collaborate, and tell their stories.

We sculpt a narrative arc of taste and aroma, overlaying the novel and the familiar; becoming sense memories we can share.

We do everything from scratch, build our own machinery and bring together new or forgotten ingredients.

We leave no stone unturned. We always taste, evolve, and strive to be better.

We ask questions others don’t.

We write a playbook that does not exist—one distillation, one spirit, and one flavor at a time.

Empirical is free-form. It is limitless. It is non-conformist.

Empirical is uncategorized.

No boundaries attached.