Emishiki Sensation White Kimoto Junmai

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笑四季 センセーション ホワイト

Shiga Prefecture / Japan
Rice: Shiga
ABV: 16%
SMV: +3, Acidity: 1.5
Yeast:  K1001

Sake Competition 2019 - Gold Medal

A 'new world' Junmai! Each colour of the Sensation Series expresses a marriage of the unique attributes of an iconic sake yeast, the ancient Kimoto brewing method and Shiga rice polished to 50%. Emishiki Sensation White is a delicious sake with notes of granny smith apples, green mangoes and marmalade. Clean, crisp and drinks more like a wine than a sake! Enjoy with seafood, grilled dishes, oysters.

Emishiki roughly translates as the “Laughter of the Four Seasons” & the lively camaraderie among Owner/Toji ,Takeshima-san & the brewery personnel is vividly captured in the 笑四 range of sakes.