Dugges Irish Coffee Whisky Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

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Origin: Sweden
ABV: 13.9%

Kentucky Rye Whisky Barrel-Aged Imperial Caramel Crunch & Coffee Stout 

It all started with a version from a stout series called Grand that started brewing in America and then brought back in-house to Sweden. And then a version with all the caramel crunchiness you could ever need in a beer. Step by step, beer by beer, on and on. Forever!

That beer was then left to sit in Kentucky rye whiskey barrels for a while, and split into 2 versions. A coffee one (which is this one), with coffee from their mates at Gringo Nordic Roasters. The other is a a straight-up barrel-aged one called Butterscotch. 

Dugges was founded in 2005 and one of the OGs of the craft beer movement in Sweden. The brewery was founded by Mikael Dugge Engström and was initially focused on brewing US style craft beers. Over the years they have made a name for themselves with their incredible flavour combinations and superb stouts.