Domaine De La Cadette Melon 2022

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Origin: Burgundy, France
Grapes: Melon de Bourgogne

La Soeur Cadette is the negoce under which Jean, Catherine and Valentin Cadette make wine using a combination of grapes from their own vines and those of their friends who do not make wine except for their own use. Jean and Catherine Montanet created Domaine de la Cadette in 1987, with the help of friends and family. Cadette, meaning ‘the youngest child’ is a nod to Catherine whose family’s vineyards contribute to the domaine’s production. It took them ten years to clear land and replant vines in an area that was, at the time, little known for its quality viticulture which never really recovered from Phylloxera. By 1997 however, Vezelay was awarded its own AOC – in no small part down to the noble work carried out by the Montanets. Jean and Catherine farm 13 Ha of vineyards today, and have been working organically since 1999. They became certified in 2002, a move which is particularly bold in an area where most wine has traditionally been sold in bulk.

A pale lemon-yellow colour, a bright, clean nose, a zingy palate reminiscent of lime-zest and oyster shell and just a hint of ginger and white pepper from the yeast lees.