Dard & Ribo Crozes-Hermitage Les Baties 2019

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Origin: Rhone, France
Grapes: Syrah

The Les Baties vineyard is home to old vines Syrah on a South East facing slope comprised of red clay and rolled stone soils. This elegant Syrah shows purity of fruit that has great potential for long aging. René-Jean Dard and François Ribo started their estate in 1984 in a back street of Tain-l’Hermitage. There was about 1 hectare from Dard’s family, all the rest was rented or slowly acquired over the years.

The intrepid: René-Jean Dard and "quiet strength": François Ribo has been producing for 30 years now, the most traditionally in the world: they are among the precursors, the initiators of the "Natural Wines" approach, on preferred terroirs that Japanese and Americans envy, they will not give in, far too rooted and rebellious.