Cyprien Lireux Premices 2022

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Origin: Normandy, France

An unconventional poiré from near Pay d'Auge. Contrary to the typical sweet poirés from the Domfront area, these fantastic bubbles are dry and clear, with a balanced bitterness with citrus notes and a persistent acidity. It also has a vinous character. A pioneer cuvée that marks the beginning of Cyprien's journey and work with pear. The fruit is sourced from l'Orne in Domfrontais and carefully selected and pressed. Recommended with seafood, pear and chocolate dessert or as an aperitif.

At 24 years old, the business school graduate Cyprien Lireux senses a deep feeling of missing out on something in his life. His obsession in mind: to return to what has fascinated him and driven him since childhood, working with the land in his hometown, Normandy, France. Etienne Fournet, the cellar master of Domaine des Cinq Autels, turns Cyprien's dream into a reality while passing on his passion to him. It will be cider – something Cyprien had already experimented with alongside his father and grandfather – and it feels like the obvious choice. His closeness to nature, the terroir, and tradition shape his work with a philosophical approach.