Chiyo Shinomine Moromi Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu Nigori

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Origin: Nara Prefecture, Japan
Rice: Gohyakumangoku [Kōji] & Ginpu [Kake]
Polish: 50%
Yeast: Strain #9

Chiyo Shuzo is run by Tetsuya Sakai. The Shinomine range of sake from Chiyo is named after the Shinomine mountain range not far from the brewery. Sakai-san’s focus with the Shinomine range is to craft balanced and acid-driven sake that showcases the rice type along with the ability to age gracefully.

The Moromi Nigori is directly bottled from the tank, only given a very coarse filter, and thus contains fermentation sediment. Very fragrant notes of fresh ferment. The palate is dry and textural with the slightest hint of spritz. A wonderful aperitif. Unpasteurised, undiluted.

Once opened the Chiyo 'Moromi Nigori' will last well for 2-3 weeks.