Andreas Tscheppe Blaue Libelle Sauvignon Blanc 2021

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Styria, Austria

All Sauvignon Blanc here. A dozen adjectives and more can be used to describe this Blaue Libelle or Blue Dragonfly from Andreas Tscheppe. Super fresh and full of texture on the palate with expressive just-ripe peach flavours, ginger, almond, faint nougat and some briny mineral things. To say it is a very good white wine would be an understatement.

Schmecke das Leben meaning “taste the life” - is a group of five natural wine producers in the Styria / Steirmark region of Austria united by a collective vision - to provide a respectful and sustainable interaction with the earth and vines to produce lively wines that really express their origins. Consisting of producers Werlitsch, Tauss, Tscheppe, Strohmeier and Muster, each one consistently shares their experiences with each other in order to enrich their collective knowledge.

Growing grapes of Sauvignon Blanc, Morillon (Chardonnay), Gelber Muskateller and the rare Goldmuskateller grape, the most often seen Tscheppe wines like Blaue Libelle, Gruener Libelle and Salamander are in high demand and sell out fast due to the low supply.

Recently, the vintage has included some wines with residual sugar, which have given the wines new personality and even more interesting. Andreas is the brother of Ewald Tscheppe of Weingut Werlitsch nearby.