Anders Frederik Steen & Anne Bruun Blauert - Poetry is Growing in Our Garden

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One of the cult figures in natural wine making, Anders Frederik Steen was born in Denmark where he trained as a sommelier in prestigious establishments in Copenhagen, starting at Noma where he developed a taste of healthy, simple, lively wines. Later he went on to be in charge of wine for Relae and Manfred's, where he established one of the first 100% natural wine lists. As years went by, he was more attracted by the call of the vineyards and began learning about winemaking from the famous nomadic producer Jean-Marc Brignot. He settled in Valvigneres (the valley of the vines) and made his first vintage in 2013. His wines are of rare depth, expressive and striking. Juices ferment spontaneously and vinification and maturation are completed in old barrels, tuns or vats, always in the open air. The result is juicy and surprising nectars.

Anders Frederik Steen's impressive collection of thoughts and notes, retracing his last 8 years of learning and experiencing. Dive right in to around 200 pages of recopied diary entries, scraps of reflections dating back to 2013 and that first foray into winemaking, the whole process as it unfurled, with all the doubts and wrong turns, appraisals of other wines and eventually their own, of the work of a sommelier, and eventually the new ruminations of those who’ve reached the top of their game and are looking for the next mountain.