Akishika Kuro Moheji Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu Kimoto

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Origin: Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Rice: Organic Omachi
Polish: 60%
Yeast: #9
Akishika Shuzo are very meticulous in their care for their organic rice fields, in particular for the Kamimura parcel where the prized heirloom Omachi is farmed organically. This single paddy field only yields 300 bottles per season, and the sake is further aged 4 years before release.

An intense, complex sake with a beautiful richness and roundness to the texture, and a long finish. Very limited release.

Akishika Shuzo was founded in the town of Nose (No-say) in Osaka prefecture in 1886. When Hiroaki Oku took over his family brewery in 2009, he set a new production target: He wanted to slash it by 75 percent. Each year he gets closer to that goal, and Akishika sakes get rarer. His reasoning: he wants to use only the very best rice, and to be at the helm for every step of the process. He’s aiming for what he calls “ikkan-zukuri”, meaning production from seedling to sake.

Oko-san's sakes typically have layers upon layers of flavour and a moreish streak of acidity. Some are held back to develop for years until he believes they’re in perfect drinking condition. Sake from Akishika Shuzo have a cult status in Japan, so when Akishika does release sake, they sell out exceptionally quickly. We are lucky to get our hands on a few bottles.