Wildflower Spring 2023

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Marrickville / Sydney // Australia

5.7% ABV

Spring 2023 is just stupidly tasty. A seasonal ale made with meyer lemon, Poormans orange, regenerative organic grains and organic whole cone Motueka hops fermented with our mixed house culture wholly collected from native flowers in NSW.

We used the whole fruit cold-side to make this beer, while there was some citrus hot-side, the real impact in the glass comes from the 120kg of fruit which was juiced whole and added before bottling. Juicing it whole meant the pith flavour and bitterness makes an impression on the beer just as we wanted.

Tasting notes: “A bright and intense citrus nose with zesty oils and fresh juice aromatics backed by a pithy spice punch. It’s a youthful, raw and extremely assertive expression of fruit, whilst being entirely approachable. The palate is compact and intense, all upfront juice and downtown zest and pithy bitterness giving length and a cleansing finish. It’s simple and wonderfully brash in its youth but will reward some time in the cellar developing complexity akin to a wit-beer.”
Wildflower was co-founded in 2016 by brothers-in-law Topher Boehm and Chris Allen. 

Made a little differently, their beers have been fermented with a diversity of yeasts and bacteria collected from flowers native to NSW... hence the name. Their practice has developed over time and so has their relationships with local regenerative growers of grain, hops and fruit, who they celebrate their agriculturally focused fermented ales with.