Wildflower Field Work: Mountain Rye

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Marrickville / Sydney // Australia

4.8% ABV

An experimental ale using an ancient perennial grain. 

Field Work: Mountain Rye aims to highlight the characteristics of the malted true perennial progenitor to modern rye painstakingly selectively bred and grown by Matt Newell at the NSW Department of Primary Industries research station in Cowra NSW.

Mountain Rye is a true perennial, meaning it is not a cross or hybrid of a modern grain and an ancient one… it just is an ancient grain that is perennial. It also has strong perenniality, meaning it yields a crop more consistently for multiple years after sowing, with this varietal potentially cropping for 8 years.

Tasting notes: “An incredible, unique nose with a sweet spicy rye character. Gentle and lifted on the palate. Leads with sweet grain, but also showcases a lot of classic Gold stonefruit character. It's round, and it feels like it lingers forever, with just a touch of bitterness to close.”
Wildflower was co-founded in 2016 by brothers-in-law Topher Boehm and Chris Allen. 

Made a little differently, their beers have been fermented with a diversity of yeasts and bacteria collected from flowers native to NSW... hence the name. Their practice has developed over time and so has their relationships with local regenerative growers of grain, hops and fruit, who they celebrate their agriculturally focused fermented ales with.