Northern Monk Patrons Project 12.07 // Evolution of Tradition: MHOR DDH IPA

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Leeds // UK
5.8% ABV

Beer is an ancient drink and has been brewed for thousands of years in the North of England. Beer and brewing's connection with the North and Yorkshire in particular is deep rooted. When Northern Monk began looking into bringing back an historic brew, initially for a beer festival, they spoke to a university professor who helped them delve into the beers and brewing methods of the ancients. Armed with this knowledge, a pilot brew was made taking inspiration from academic research, and the evidence of vessels that contained cereal, honey and meadowsweet from the early bronze age found in Scotland. Dried meadowsweet flowers instead of hops was used for flavour and stability, which add a creamy, honey like aroma and flavour along with a slightly medicinal, root beer like flavour to the finish; and honey was added towards the end of the ferment.