Mukai Uranagi Junmai Nama Yamahai Genshu

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Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Rice: Organic Koshihikari
Polish: 80%
Yeast Strain: #7
Kuniko-san made this bold brew with organic Koshihikari rice and milled away just 20% so that the sake captures the natural umami and sweetness of the rice. Robust flavours of roasted nuts and fragrant steamed rice. Savoury, umami yet sweet.
Kuniko Munkai was a country girl coaxed by her parents to study at the Tokyo University of Agriculture. While studying fermentation and brewing techniques, she made her first sake Ine Mankai, a beautiful red rice sake, which has since put Mukai Shuzo and Ine Mankai on the sake map. Kuniko-san assumed the role of head brewer at a young age of 22, and her sake reflects her outgoing curious nature who is constantly pushing forward.