Mukai Natsu No Omoide Junmai Koshu

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Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Rice: Gohyakumangoku
Polish: 70%
Koshu refers to aged sake, and this is a stunning example! You wouldn't guess its 2 decades old. Sweet yet savoury with good acidity. It is oxidative, complex with a long dry finish. We're getting apricots, prunes, vanilla and woody nuances. 

Kuniko-san brewed Natsu no Omoide (Memories of Summer) when she graduated brewing college and received some ancient yeast as a gift. 
Kuniko Munkai was a country girl coaxed by her parents to study at the Tokyo University of Agriculture. While studying fermentation and brewing techniques, she made her first sake Ine Mankai, a beautiful red rice sake, which has since put Mukai Shuzo and Ine Mankai on the sake map. Kuniko-san assumed the role of head brewer at a young age of 22, and her sake reflects her outgoing curious nature who is constantly pushing forward.