Milan Nestarec Podfuck 2019

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Moravia / Czech Republic
Podfuck 2019 is an elegant red of Pinot Noir and friends (we're talking Blaufrankisch, Pinot Gris on skins) from Nestarec's first vineyard Zadní Hora. His grandparents used to own some land there before the communist putsch in 1948 and they managed to get it back during the 1990s restitution. It was planted in 1988 - Nestarec's birth year - which also explains his soft spot for this plot.

Podfuck means cheating or trick in Czech. The story goes like this. Nestarec's neighbour blindly tasted the first ever vintage of this wine in 2013 and congratulated him on making such a beautiful Blaufrankisch or Saint Laurent. Or so he thought. He didn't believe it was a Pinot Gris. Each year, maceration is shorter and a bit more Pinot Noir is added until it is now a real red.