Jose Gourmet Smoked Small Mackerel in Olive Oil

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Bite-sized and smoky. These small mackerel are steeped in olive oil and perfectly cured with the most fantastic flavor. Packed with vitamins (D and Bs) and minerals (selenium and iodine), mackerel is one of the healthiest fish to eat. Be smart and indulge! Omega-3s can improve memory and cognitive function.

We enjoy this with a glass of refreshing white, some crackers or use it in your pasta.

Hailing from the sun-soaked coast of Portugal, Jose Gourmet
specialises in the highest quality seafood. Forget any preconceived notions of tinned fish being inferior to fresh because this label’s canned goods are certified delicacies. 

Ingredients: mackerel, extra virgin olive oil, salt
Net Weight: 120g

Store at ambient temperature until opened, sealed and refrigerated up to two days after opening. Traditional Portuguese method production (pre-cooked).