Jose Gourmet Octopus in Olive oil with Garlic

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Captured in the North East and Eastern and Central Atlantic, our octopus is mixed with two essential ingredients: olive oil and garlic, which give it a special aroma, keeping its original flavour unaltered. With low calories, the octopus is rich in vitamin B12, an active nutrient for brain function and memory performance. Hailing from the sun-soaked coast of Portugal,Jose Gourmet specialises in the highest quality seafood. Forget any preconceived notions of tinned fish being inferior to fresh because this label’s canned goods are certified delicacies. 

We love these simply pan fried with potatoes or deep fried in a salad! 

Ingredients: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Salt, Octopus
Net Weight: 120g

Store at ambient temperature until opened, sealed and refrigerated up to two days after opening. Traditional Portuguese method production (pre-cooked).