Jean-Pierre Robinot Cuvee Juliette 2010

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Origin: Loire, France
ABV: 14%
Grapes: Chenin Blanc

A remarkable expression of Chenin Blanc from vines over a hundred years old, only made in the best of years. The grapes were harvested late with botrytis, pressed directly to barrel and fermented "dry" and aged over 6 years in barrels. Signature wine with a balance of oxidation and a hint of sweetness. Reminiscent of a Oloroso sherry.
3 barrels, each barrel a different label. Named after his daughter Juliette.

Jean-Pierre Robinot has been at the forefront of the scene for years now, opening a seminal bistrot in Paris and starting a journey on natural wines, before moving back to the village where he grew up in Loire Valley to produce fantastic Chenin Blanc and Pineau d'Aunis that you should definitely try.