Heaps Normal Quiet XPA 4 Pack

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ORIGIN: Australia
VOL: 355ml
ALC: Less than 0.5%
Winner of World Beer Award for the no and low-alcohol beer category.

A full-flavoured XPA without the downsides, so everyday legends like you can dial the good times up to 11 and still perform at your best the next day.

The Heaps Normal Quiet XPA has a tropical and citrus aroma with a lingering and unmistakably beery finish. Unfiltered, with a balanced bitterness and a subtle malt sweetness.

Heaps Normal is a dedicated non-alcoholic beer company, brewing beer without the hangover. Heaps Normal uses special yeasts and biological processes to make beer in a way that does not require alcohol to be stripped out late in the process, thus enabling a fulsome beer flavour.